ABOUT AMAZE TV NETWORK CIC (A Community Interest Company)

Amaze tv network CIC is a community interest company, which means that we work on various community development activities with television media focus, using media means created activities,programes and live events, live streaming,community development projects,to promote good health, role models in our society,community cohesion , improvement of general inclusive and social awareness and economic wellbeing of our community members, both in the United Kingdom and with Africa focus.

Amaze tv ( AMZ Tv) is a “trendy” Community based Channel, which means that our programes, activities and operational pattern will reflects at 100% our London multi- ethnicity society, which is based on inclusivity of all people,LGBT persons, London diverse cultural heritage, faith community,social class, all age groups and those with physical and other forms of personal orientations: ( all individuals disabilities).

We are registered as a CIC Charity with the Companies House of England & Wales in the United Kingdom,with our operational office and project studio situated at Camberwell in London, called “The Camberwell Studio”. Also we have been licensed in the Republic of Sierra Leone to operate a Radio and Television Stations Countrywide and on Satellite. In Sierra Leone currently we are building on this development to make it happen successfully.


We are authorised by our articles of association and memorandum of association to receive funding and grants from legitimate grant making and funding bodies, to support our community development activities. Also to raise fund from both public and private sectors directly, as well as to earn income through Social Entreprising activities to be able to realise our aims and objectives.

Our areas of activities include;

  1. Youth Media Operational Works and other economic development training Projects; TV, radio,editing,broadcasting,program productions,screen plays and film writing,filming,photography, documentaries and photoshops,
  2. Programes development,programes presenting and productions, green screen skills, productions assistance and Media House Management.
  3. Health Promotion Awareness projects
    • Sickle cell anaemia, obesity, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure,colestorole,hiv-aids, corona virus-covid 19, corona virus vaccine awareness,malaria,leukaemia,healthy nutrition, physical exercising,safer sexual health education.
  4. Personal hygiene,healthy environment management, recycling and living a healthy life style.
  5. General broadcastings on education, counselling,community advise,information on local and National Government Services in our Community,drama,news,youth empowerment, democracy,heritage and culture.
  6. Communty matters; London & UK wide, International:Africa & else where in the world,documentaries, children and family time.
  7. Community Cohesion and general community works of the local and national Government for the people’s benefits and citizens participations.
  8. Community, Government, Local businesses, non governmental organisations(NGOs) and Citizens Platforms and discussions Forums.

However we achieve all the above activities in the following ways below;

On point (a)

  • We organise from Monday to Sunday of each week Media operational training in house as per the topics outlined above. Currently we are aiming to adjust with the covid-19 regulation, which includes online and all safest options within government regulations to do this. On ( b) we are using a media broadcasting presentation on various social media platforms to carry out our tv programme activities,by inviting experts and guests facilitators in the Specialist fields aread, to present the program and take questions from the general public.
  • On (c ), the activities take the pattern of b .
  • While (d), is based on normal broadcasting, presentation, production and general l broadcasting operations


Our CIC organisation was created on 19/11/2019.

Our Management Board is made up of:

  1. Chief Executive Officer
  2. Two Directors
  3. Administrations and Sections Team: 12 Volunteers,Project Facilitators, Marketing, Production, Program, Cyber Security, Presentation,Sales, Technical, Editing and OnlineTeam.
  4. The Board Adiviser & Administrator
  5. Chairman & Honorary Chairman.



Grants and funding applications made to funding bodies and income generated from our direct services to our clients. Also  income achieved through Social Entreprises activities.

At the moment 65% of our service are free, while 35% is chargable. We aim to balance it at 50%-50%


  1. Equal opportunity & diversities
  2. Safe guarding policy
  3. Health & Safety policy
  4. Confidential policy
  5. Financial Management for funded projects policy
  6. Confidential Statenent policy
  7. Recruitment policy
  8. Volunteering policy
  9. Covid-19 “Corona Virus policy
  10. Grievance policy
  11. Project Partnership guidelines


Produced by Amaze tv Network Management Team.