TinaTalks show was born out of the determination to give back to the community. To influence positive change in people’s lives. Ada Nwachukwu, the Founder and CEO of TinaTalks show had experienced the twists and turns of life. She suffered marital abuse, rejection from her parents, raped, locked up in prison, lost her possessions and suffered depression. By the help of God and the special people around her, she was able to turn her downfalls into a message. Now an apostle, MBA Psychotherapist, and an ambassador of peace (UPF). Even as a single mother of four beautiful children, Ada became a motivational/inspirational speaker at seminars, conferences, small groups and provides mentorship. Ada is blessed by all that life has taught her, hence TinaTalk show was born as to embody that knowledge and wisdom. “Bridging the Gap” is her theme, conveying an understanding of life to others through her own personal experiences. She is excited to here from you at her show, TinaTalks show.

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