A Sierra leonean by birth with a dutch citizenship. A committed Muslim whose faith has shaped his moral judgement and philanthropic work. He is currently pursuing his higher education in business studies, which he believes will help his future ambitions. He left the shores of Sierra leone in the early nineties for Europe, Netherlands to be specific where he learnt Dutch fluently. In his teenage years, he developed a keen interest in the theatrical arts, joining the kailondo theatre. He has directed many films and plays including; “Woman nor to man Fambul” , Bondo Wahalah”, to name a few. He has worked with “Diaspora hands”, a UK based award winning drama group that is famous for plays to educate Diapora about FGM. His new adventure is that of a talk show host with amaze TV, a programme called “LEH WE TOK”. It is a showthat encapsulates every facet of the sierra leonean society, from entertainment, political and social issues to religion and more.