Amaze TV Member

My name is Jessie Dacres, and I was born in Jamaica, raised by my grandmother until I was 15 then moved to the UK to reunite with my mother. I am a woman of God, mother of three children, founder and co-owner of 365 Divine Care Ltd.

My journey in Christ Jesus started very young, I grew up in a baptist church back in Jamaica but became a born-again believer two years prior to my water baptism on 17th September 2016. My life has never been the same since.

I am a member of Labour of Love World Ministries, and I am the 5 am prayer lead. I am also the founder and host of my amazing programme, “The Real Gospel Talk Show”. My vision is to lead disbelievers of Christ through the word of God As well as getting people to talk about their journey and Jesus Christ. Caring for others comes naturally to me, especially for young women and vulnerable people.

I believe with God, all things are possible.